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2018 Bluebonnets

I made several trips to photograph wildflowers this year, sharing the experience with my husband, kids, aunts, mom and friends. It didn't matter that I'd seen the same spots four times... Each trip filled my heart with "happy".

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RANGER PROTECTOR was a thrill ride from the beginning. I literally couldn't put the book down until I finished reading.” ~J.M.V, Amazon 5 stars

“Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, standard thrillers, or simply gripping and intelligent storytelling, RANGER DEFENDER is the book to read this year.” ~MD, Amazon 5 stars
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The June Intrigues

~Harlequin Intrigues ~
"The Harlequin Intrigue heroine is the no-nonsense, girl next door who may be caught up in dangerous circumstances. "
~It's my privilege to bring you all six of the June releases. With a special feature on Elle James who is graciously donating 1 autographed copy of TWO DAUNTLESS HEARTS to a lucky Rafflecopter Winner. 

Elle James

In one of the most remote locations
A SEAL meets his match…

Stationed in Africa, SEAL “Pitbull” Percy Taylor is on leave and flying to Kenya for a safari. Until bush pilot Marly Simpson is forced to crash-land their plane on the savanna. Stranded together, the itinerant pilot and the roving SEAL find a connection neither dreamed possible. And when Marly and her plane disappear, Pitbull rallies his SEAL team…to save the only woman he could ever truly love.


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ANGI:  Favorite thing about SEAL Percy “Pitbull” Taylor
ELLE: I love that he’s afraid of flying and he’s falling in love with a bush pilot! He’s such a macho man being a Navy SEAL and tough as nails, but flying terrifies him!

ANGI:  Favorite thing about bush pilot Marly Simpson
ELLE: She’s badass! Africa is like the wild west and a danger place, especially for a woman. But Marly grew up there and it’s just every day to her. She’s tough, she can maintenance her plane and she’s got a huge heart.

ANGI:  Favorite thing about TWO DAUNTLESS HEARTS
ELLE: I love that I take the reader on a safari into Africa and land them in the middle of herds of animals. The love between Marly and Pitbull grows out of mutual respect for the others’ abilities.

ANGI:  Did you travel to Kenya to research TWO DAUNTLESS HEARTS?
ELLE: I wish! It’s on my bucket list. I did a lot of research about things going on in Africa for all of the books in the Mission Six series. I hope my readers enjoy traveling to Africa as they read.


ELLE: I loved when Marly landed the plane in the middle of a herd of zebras. Pitbull was so scared.

Debra Webb

After he’s told his dead wife is still alive, Dr. Devon Pierce knows someone is out to get him, and he turns to the Colby Agency for help. Isabella Lytle takes his case, and they find their simmering attraction nearly impossible to resist.

Colby Agency: Sexi-ER

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FBI agent Beth Hoosay is determined to bring down a surrogate baby ring operating on the reservation, so she turns to Ty Redhorse, whose little sister has been kidnapped, for help. Working together is tough. Fighting what’s brewing between them is even tougher. 

Apache Protectors: Wolf Den


He must face his own demons

To rescue his childhood friend

Dade Butler’s father ruled with an iron fist. Carrie Palmer was bounced around the foster system. But they found solace as childhood friends. Neither imagined their grown-up reunion would involve the six-foot-four handsome rancher rescuing Carrie from a would-be assault. But when a stalker nearly kills Carrie, Dade will stop at nothing to save her—and turn this friendship into a permanent relationship.

Crisis: Cattle Barge
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Janie Crouch

After one passionate weekend together, Keira Spencer and Roman Weber go their separate ways…until an elusive terrorist threatens anyone connected to Omega Sector. Forced to reunite with the woman he cannot forget, Roman offers Keira his protection—only to also learn she’s pregnant with his child.

Omega Sector: Under Siege


A routine investigation turns deadly

Now they’re running for survival

SWAT officer Colby Vale and horse rancher Piper Caraway are left to die in the remote wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But for Colby, death is not an option. He vows to protect Piper as they navigate the treacherous way home. Surviving against nature is difficult. Fighting their attraction is harder. But when their tormentor makes his move…living to tell their tale may be impossible.

Tennessee SWAT

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Trouble in Glamour Town

I've known Sarah (S.R.) Mallery for about four years now, but I've never met her in person. I hope to one day.  Isn't that the power of social media?  We've chatted, plotted and helped each other out over the years and we've yet to see each other face to face.

I'm thrilled Sarah agreed to be interviewed for Get Lost In A Story, and I think you'll love her stories, I sure do.

So, let's get started, shall we?

Sarah, how often do you get lost in a story?

ALL THE TIME. With movies, TV series, and of course, books!...in fact I even get lost in song lyrics while I drive...

What's your favorite thing about your current book hero?

For my Work In Progress, TENDER ENEMIES (not due out until mid November 2018), I like my HEROINE because she's complex. Having been molested as a young girl, she's grown up with a dual personality: strong and sassy on the outside, insecure and vulnerable on the inside.

Do you have a favorite movie of all time? Tell me about it.

There are so many, but just listening to its opening music and how it makes me INSTANTLY cry, I'd have to say, "To Kill A Mockingbird"

What's your perfect day like?

Lots of writing, editing, and good connections with author friends. Then walking as I talked to several close friends/family on the phone, walking outside and listening to Pandora, or going to my Fit Class. Then at night, sitting around with my hubby of 38 years, watching a film that makes both of us either laugh, cry, or sit on the edges of our seats!

Let's do some rapid fire questions.

Okay doke.

Favorite meal?

Steak and salad or Pizza and salad

Name something on your bucket list.

That's a hard one. I hate heights so no sky diving....I had never tried a gun but being a mystery fan, I secretly wanted to at least see what it felt like to shoot. But no go. I was told at the gun range I couldn't (detached retina problem)

Dream vacation?

Going to Tuscany and renting a little cottage. It could also be in England or Ireland.. Just somewhere picturesque and OOZING charm.

Favorite book boyfriend?

I'm such an old lady....Rhett Butler!

Favorite memory.

There have been many, but what immediately pops into my head was the time I gave a stray pregnant cat to a woman who advertised she would take her and not kill her or the kittens afterwards. Then, several weeks later she called to see if I wanted to visit with the cat's litter of seven week olds. My young kids and I went, and apparently this woman had had other pregnant cats at the same time, because when the three of us walked into this small, special room, there were twenty-five little playful kitties. O M G! Such a fun time!

Geek or Jock?

I appreciate jocky guys enormously for their hunkiness, but I also need to be around a good brain. How about a combo? That's what attracted me to my husband years ago. He was so smart but also wore a tool belt. Youza!

The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?

Oh, boy. When I was a teenager, unbeknownst to my parents, I went up in a little four-seater plane with two male teenagers. The 'pilot' teenager who was taking lessons but wasn't licensed yet (he neglected to tell me this), thought it would be fun to fly upside down and try some aerobatic tricks to see my reaction. After what seemed like hours (it was probably only five minutes), he and his pal did decide to stop and come down––I wouldn't stop moaning and crying...

Anything you want to share about your favorite shoes?

LOL. Actually no. I do not wear particularly fashionable shoes. I've always gone for comfort and lower prices.

Do you have a giveaway? If so, tell me about it.

I will be giving away three Amazon gifted ebook copies of my TROUBLE IN GLAMOUR TOWN.

Please tell me what readers should do to enter?

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Winners chosen May 24th.  

Let's look at the blurb for Trouble in Glamour Town.

Murder. Corruption. Romance. Movie stars. A modern day TV shoot ‘em up? No. It’s 1926 Old Hollywood, and a film producer is gunned down in cold blood. In comes Rosie, a pretty bit-player, who, in spite of her stage-mother’s expectations, just longs to be happy. Silent screen idols Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, Lon Chaney, and Rudolph Valentino float in and out, as Los Angeles’ corruption is exposed, the era described, and a chase to find the killer revs up before there’s another hit.

Enjoy an Excerpt:
“It will take a bit of effort…a bit of sweat and perhaps…

 a bit of blood.”

 –– From the 1922 movie, Nosferatu

IT WAS ANOTHER glorious day in Los Angeles. Sparkling like actress Theda Bara’s bejeweled robe in the 1917 movie, Cleopatra, the Hollywood hills behind the man and his rifle glistened in the midday sun as each ray glanced off the small, jagged rocks. With his 1903 Springfield bolt-action sharpshooter locked tight against his shoulder, the assassin slowly rolled the scope ring around to set the precise distance. He knew from experience that with the wind factor leveled near zero, his chances were good for a clean hit.
January 4, 1926, 1:15 p.m.

   For the third time, he peered through the lens. Fifty yards directly south of his position on the low-lying rooftop was Medford Studio’s back lot. There, on the outdoor set, where a Bell & Howell 35mm camera had been set up on a wooden tripod, an agitated film director was busy barking orders through his giant megaphone, while all the actors remained frozen in their assigned positions.

 Yet to the killer, none of that scenario was important. All he cared about was how his target stood off to one side, in perfect alignment with his scope view.

“Man down,” the shooter said as human screams from below echoed up to him.
“Here we go, here we go,” he muttered. He steadied himself against the roof edge and made sure the bolt was in the forward down position. With one eye pressed against the scope, he curled his index finger around the trigger and squeezed.
On the set, the director was still hollering his directions to the actors and crew when the shot rang out.
  With a quick ‘that’s done’ sigh of relief, the killer, still clutching his rifle, wiggled backward on his belly before he stood up out of sight of the ensuing chaos. A glance down at his shoes assured him the cloth swabs covering them were still in place. Then, his bag tucked under his arm, he hurried over to the outside ladder on the roof’s back edge. From there, he deftly descended, grateful he had practiced this procedure at least once beforehand.

You can read more by picking this book up here:  http://BookShow.me/B077D7T2KC/

A little more about Sarah.

A two-time READERS’ FAVORITE Gold Medal winner, S.R. Mallery has been labeled nothing short of 'eclectic'. She has been a singer, a calligrapher, a quilt designer, and an ESL teacher. As a writer, History is her focus and like in “Forrest Gump,” she weaves her fictional characters together with real people into her stories with a delicate thread. When people talk about the news of the day, or listen to music, her imagination likens the story to a similar kind of news in the past and is conjuring up scenes between characters she has yet to meet.


The latest from Elisabeth Hobbes

He’s her enemy…

…and she must not fall for him!

When her mistress is claimed as an enemy knight’s betrothed, handmaiden Aelfhild knows it would be too dangerous for her lady; she must go in her place. But there’s more to the scarred knight than she first thought—she isn’t expecting to fall for him! As the line between friend and enemy blurs, Aelfhild realizes she might be protecting her mistress, but not her heart…

“Readers will be drawn in by the fast pace, constant action and tragic love story” — RT Book Reviews on The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge 

“Hobbes’ Medieval world sparkles with detail” — RT Book Reviews on The Blacksmith’s Wife

ELISABETH HOBBES grew up in York where she spent most of her teenage years looking for a handsome Roman or Viking to sweep her off her feet. Sadly this never happened, however, inspired by this she took a degree in History and Art History before training as a teacher. Her writing career began when she entered her first novel, Falling for Her Captor, into Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write contest 2013 and finished in third place.

These days she holds down jobs as a part time teacher and full time mom. When she isn't writing, she spends most of her spare time reading and is a pro at cooking one-handed while holding a book.

Elisabeth's other hobbies include skiing, Arabic dance, fencing and exploring dreadful tourist attractions, none of which has made it into a story yet. She loves ginger mojitos, historical fiction and has a fondness for dark haired, bearded heroes.
Website | Twitter @Elisabeth Hobbes| Facebook | Pinterest | | Instagram | Goodreads | Blog | Previous GLIAS interviews | Amazon | BookBub  

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your forbidden knight?
ELISABETH: I love his sense of honor. Gui is a man with no place and no hope. He should be all measures be the villain of a story. After all, he’s part of an army that has invaded and conquered England. He’s been left traumatised and scarred, both mentally and physically, by the Battle of Hastings. He’s a man struggling to find a place for himself in a country still hostile to the invading army. He wasn’t from a noble background, just one of the hundreds of archers who fought at Hastings (and he wasn’t responsible for shooting an arrow into Harold’s eye before anyone asks). When he encounters Aelfhild he meets a woman who could be The One (and who is clearly interested in him) but because he believes he is escorting her back to her future husband he refuses to act on his developing feelings, even though he knows she could be the only chance of happiness he will have.

ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home?
ELISABETH: We’re unfortunate enough to live nowhere near relatives so never get out much. Our regular date night is about an hour in the cafe at the local supermarket on a Friday evening while the kids are at their Brass Band rehearsals having a pot of tea. After that we grab some snacks and wine to keep us going in front of the TV. I’d love to get out to an interesting restaurant and go listen to some live music once in a while (though I’m secretly relieved I can get into bed by 11.30pm).

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
ELISABETH: Howl the wizard from the Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle. Is it wrong to have a crush on a cartoon character? Maybe, but I don’t care. He’s a narcissistic, self-centered emo diva but he’s brave and honorable and sees past the heroine’s curse (she’s been turned into an old woman) to fall in love with her anyway. It probably helps he’s voiced by Christian Bale in the English language version too.

ANGI: High Heels or Hiking Boots?
ELISABETH: Hiking boots. I’d much rather be walking in the countryside and I’m lucky to live about a ten minute drive from the Peak District so I can get out into the hills any time I like. I set my previous book, Redeeming the Rogue Knight there and it was lovely to go walking and imagining the characters.
Actually, my favorite footwear is my son’s cast off trainers that he wore twice then grew out of. At 12 he’s got bigger feet than me.

ANGI: Got a favorite song? What makes it special?
ELISABETH: I don’t have one particular song but each book I write has a ‘theme song’ that resonates in some way, either with the characters or the theme. For Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight it is ‘How Shall I Ever Be Simple Again’ by Richard Thompson, which is sung in the character of a soldier who has seen too much encountering innocence and how it changes him. It’s perfect for Gui.

ANGI: What’s your perfect day?
ELISABETH: A day on the ski slopes, starting on the first lift in glorious sunshine with lots of snow. We blast the runs, stop for lunch in a mountain cafe then head off to the thermal baths when the sun goes down to ease the aches in warm water. Sitting on a lift in the fresh air is the perfect place to unwind. I often find myself getting inspiration there. The only problem is remembering it by the time I get back to the bottom.

ANGI: Salad or soup?
ELISABETH: Soup. I could happily live on the stuff and would make it all the time if my family didn’t protest. I think I could happily have survived on pottage (a vegetable soup thickened with grains and whatever meat they happened to have) in the Middle Ages. At least for a couple of weeks until I started craving a curry.

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
ELISABETH: I’m not a huge drinker but I like soda water - but with white wine in it. I celebrate each book release with a bottle of cava. I don’t make enough yet to break out the good stuff but maybe one day…

ANGI: Geek or Jock?
ELISABETH: I’m a huge geek definitely. I can quote Doctor Who and Firefly at the drop of a hat, have a huge comic book collection and a TARDIS collection. I was thinking only the other day how lucky my daughter is to be growing up at a time when being ASC or an oddball and having brains is featured in popular culture rather than a stick to beat kids with.

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
ELISABETH: Entering my first story into So You Think You Can Write and leaving my writing wide open to public critique. Even though I was anonymous, it was hugely nerve wracking reading what people said. I never expected to get beyond the initial round so to finish in third place was amazing. I’m so glad I did though as I probably wouldn’t be here otherwise!

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK: Where is your favorite place to write & why? (please take a picture and send to me as soon as you can)

ELISABETH’s GOTTA ANSWER:  I have a wonderful antique writing desk with a drop down table and lots of cubbyholes to store notebooks and other clutter. It has a glass-fronted cabinet at the top where I keep a copy of each of my books. It is in the dining room by the patio so I can look out of the window and watch the tame blackbirds. We’re doing a loft conversion and kitchen extension so it is currently hidden behind piles of boxes and furniture and a huge skylight window waiting to be installed. Once we’re done with everything I’m getting a study of my own in what used to be my daughter’s bedroom. I can’t wait. It’s going to be my sanctuary with my desk and a daybed. I’m planning a peacock theme and collecting pictures, feathers and jewelry.

I don’t have a title yet but I’m writing a book set in Scotland as part of a continuity for Harlequin with three wonderful writers (who I’m privileged to call friends).  We’ll be going back in time from the Victorian era to the Middle Ages to uncover a mystery and meet four wonderful couples.  I’m so excited about it.  I’m halfway through writing it now and it will come out in 2019.

The spy who sought refuge… 

At the mercy of her enemy! 

A passion forged from fire 

"I suppose a kiss of gratitude is out of the question?" 

“Set me free. Say I escaped, or that you never found me." 

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ELISABETH WANTS TO KNOW:  Both my hero Gui and heroine Aelfhild spend the book pretending to be someone they’re not. If you could masquerade as anyone for a day who would it be?